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Edit Storyline Naz is a strait-laced Pakistani-American student who is off to a must-attend party on a Friday night. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min DVD. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color.

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Edit Did You Know? Goofs Just about everything related to inmate security in Rikers Island and court holding cells is wrong. As an accused murderer, Khan would only be out of handcuffs while in a jail cell, he would not be mixed in with inmates charged with lesser crimes, he would absolutely not be led in to a "family funday" visitation meeting with other inmates and their families; he would not be uncuffed during arraignment.

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Nasir 'Naz' Khan 9 episodes, Dennis Box 9 episodes, Salim Khan 9 episodes, John Stone 8 episodes, Safar Khan 8 episodes, Helen Weiss 7 episodes, Hasan Khan 7 episodes, Freddy Knight 6 episodes, The toenails were painted gold, but the chipped polish needed touching up. Tacky, tacky, tacky, George remarked to himself. His nanny had always said that good grooming was a mark of good breeding. The garbage bag was nestled between a pizza box empty and the shell of an aged television set worthless.

George stopped his digging to consider the foot. He often thought that he could write a book about the things people discarded. A modern anthropologist. He imagined himself holding forth from a lectern, an audience of students entranced by his brilliance.

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And, of course, his dapper demeanor and flashing wit. He used the tip of his walking stick to lift the edge of the bag and peer in for a better look at its contents. Her platinum-blond hair gave way at the roots to a coarse brown, and the sliver of profile George could see was garish with makeup.

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George cast an indignant look around him. No matter what he did, this body would be the cause of great inconvenience in the neighborhood, inevitably disrupting his routine as soon as the sanitation men came around. He would be an obvious first step in their investigation. After all, the others had neither his degree of intellect nor his well-spoken manner. The discovery of this body was likely to attract even greater attention than sordid events like homicide usually did. It was the seventh body of a prostitute to be found in a Dumpster in Cambridge in the past year.

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And there were rumors that the responsible party was connected to the Harvard community in some way. The bodies found previously had been strangled, as had this one judging by the bulging eyes and protruding tongue. He wondered if the forensic team would find the telltale crimson-and-white fibers from a striped wool Harvard scarf around the neck of this victim, as well. George mulled over his options.

In such situations, he generally thought it best to go on about his business and let the police come find him when they got around to it. But on a bitterly cold day like today, a trip to the police station to answer some questions might not be so unpleasant. Some warm coffee, maybe a couple of doughnuts a plebian treat in which George occasionally indulged , some quasi-civilized conversation.

Indeed, the police would be around eventually to see if he or any of the other local residents had seen anything of interest. He might as well make the most of the misfortune. He straightened up, brushing off his coat cashmere from Brooks Brothers -- the lining was ripped and the elbows quite worn, but it had still merited rescue from the garbage of Beacon Hill.

With purposeful steps, he ventured forth to the nearest police precinct. He did have a soft spot for doughnuts.

One I live a very glamorous life. This is a kinder, gentler era. We talk to our clients about managing the transition to a global economy and relationship- driven banking. My life is far less glamorous than it appears. I have worked into the early morning hours on more nights, canceled more weekend plans and slept in more Holiday Inns in small industrial towns than I care to count -- standard practice in the business of mergers and acquisitions.

Entire months of my life have passed in a fog of caffeine, numbers, meetings and documents. So why, one might ask, do I do this? Fresh-faced, newly minted MBAs ask me this question frequently, and I tell them how rewarding it is to counsel top executives on issues of critical strategic importance and to work with sharp, highly motivated people in a collegial environment.

For me at least. There is the occasional deranged individual who truly loves finance, the thrill of closing a deal and the illusion of power it bestows. One such individual is Scott Epson, a Winslow, Brown colleague who was sitting next to me this Wednesday afternoon in early January. We were on the Delta Shuttle, bound from New York to Boston, on our way to participate in an annual ritual at Harvard Business School known as Hell Week, when all of the major investment banks, consulting firms and other corporate recruiters compete to lure the most promising students to join our respective companies upon graduation.

An advance team from Winslow, Brown had completed an initial round of interviews during the first half of the week, and second rounds were to take place on Thursday and Friday. I was not sitting with Scott by choice. I had seen him in the waiting area, gesticulating wildly on his cell phone with his customary air of self-importance. I thought that I had crept by unseen, but I was only a few feet down the gateway when I heard his nasal voice behind me. Hey -- wait up! He was weighted down by a bulging briefcase in one hand, a stack of file folders under his opposite arm and a garment bag suspended from his shoulder.

His suit jacket hung loosely from a scrawny frame, and his striped shirt was almost completely untucked. I knew from a good source that he needed to shave only a couple of times a week. Scott spends a great deal of time trying to ingratiate himself to Stan. This can be highly amusing to watch, because our trusty leader is largely oblivious to much of what goes on around him.

His attention is usually focused on his next golf game, his next martini and his new, significantly younger wife. Scott and I advanced down the gateway together, and he blustered on about his incredible deal and how incredibly pivotal his role in the entire endeavor truly was. Angie Schmitt [ schmangee ], national reporter at Streetsblog, on the "heartwarming" stories of Americans who walk miles and miles to work. Peter Norton , professor of history at University of Virginia's Department of Engineering and Society, and Emily Badger , urban policy reporter for the New York Times, on the past, present and dazzling future of self-driving car salesmanship.

Judd Greenstein [ juddgreenstein ], composer, on the in-progress opera, A Marvelous Order. This is the final installment of a three-part series from The Stakes. If you haven't heard parts one and two , start there first. Skinner's Technology of Behaviour from Laboratory to Life, ss. Hosted by Kai Wright. Reported by Amanda Aronczyk.

In a special hour this week, On the Media examines the history of US imperialism — and why the familiar US map hides the true story of our country.

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This is Part 2 of our series "On American Expansion. Ted Kaczynski had been a boy genius. Then he became the Unabomber. After years of searching for him, the FBI finally caught him in his remote Montana cabin, along with thousands of pages of his writing. Those pages revealed Kaczynski's hatred towards a field of psychology called "behaviorism," the key to the link between him and James McConnell. This is part two of a three-part series from our colleagues at The Stakes. If you haven't heard part one, listen here first.

The Indian government has revoked autonomy for the Muslim-majority region of Kashmir.

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This week, a close look at how Hindu nationalists are rewriting Indian history in the world's largest democracy. Plus: what are the stories that America has told about itself? Producer Asthaa Chaturvedi [ Pasthaaa ] examines the ways Hindu nationalists have sought to rewrite history in and outside the classroom in an effort to glorify India's Hindu past, and what this movement means for a country founded on principles of multiculturalism.

What are the stories that America has told about itself? Infinite scrolling. Push notifications. Our devices and apps were designed to keep us engaged and looking for as long as possible. In this three-part series from our colleagues at The Stakes , a look at the winding story of the science of persuasion — and our collective reaction to it. In part one, a once-famous psychologist who became embroiled in controversy, and how the Unabomber tried to kill him. Also, the history of American presidents and media figures dismissing black and brown claims to power in a democracy.

Plus, what calls for additional federal oversight in Puerto Rico mean for Puerto Ricans. Tom Scocca [ tomscocca ], politics editor at Slate, on the journalists, writers and political figures who cater to America's racist id. Adam Serwer [ AdamSerwer ], staff writer at The Atlantic, on the catastrophic, deadly idea that "only white people are fit for self-government.

OTM producer Alana Casanova-Burgess [ AlanaLlama ] reports on the conversations some Puerto Ricans are having in Puerto Rico in a historic moment for the island, including demands more democracy -- and what that means in a colonial context. When events like the shooting in El Paso happen, the elements may indeed be obvious: Guns. But the obvious is also reductive, and risks obscuring larger forces at play. The same goes with the vocabulary of race violence: White nationalist.

White identity. White supremacy.