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From the novel and film of the same name, an impossibly difficult choice, especially when forced onto someone. The choice is between two unbearable options , and it's essentially a no-win situation. As a mother, Sophie adores both of her children and can't make this agonizing choice A choice between two unbearable options. The loan hiker's arm was wedged in a crevice when he slipped and fell. He didn't have the strength to release himself. Each movement wedged his arm more deeply into the crevice. After several days without food and water, he was left with a Sophie's Choice: continue to wait for help and possibly die, or use the serrated blade of his pocket knife to cut off his own arm and climb to safety before bleeding to death.

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Sophie's Choice unknown. It is NOT a difficult choice. It's a choice between two options that will results in the destruction of the option not chosen. A difficult choice is do you pick lover A or lover B and leave the other one possibly mad at you. A Sophie's choice is do you pick A or B and leave the other one DEAD, completely lifeless , future distinguished, no more fun experiences, and generally a bad existence or lack thereof.

A hard decision. Bangcock You start with her before she gets in the concentration camps. You show her relationship with the kids, so you get time to care about them and also care about her. Then, when she gets to the concentration camps, after some time, she there makes her choice. Rest of the film would be struggling….

I have always liked and respected Alan J Pakula's work. Sophie's Choice is a sometimes difficult watch. Movies with tragic Holocaust back-stories are always emotion filled affairs. This is no different. Based on William Styron's novel of the same name,this Brooklyn set film has an eerie melancholic feel from the very start.

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Narrated by Peter MacNicol's character,this is the story of a Southern writer who strikes up a friendship with a Polish immigrant and her boyfriend after he moves in downstairs to them in As things…. One heartbreaking scene that takes two hours and 20 minutes to get to isn't worth it. How is this movie on the AFI list?

Kevin Kline is bad. Peter MacNicol is execrable. A heartbreaking journey to the darkest corner of last century, which delivered brilliantly by 3 lead actors. If you're looking for a really long, sexy, Streepsploitation movie centered around the Holocaust, have I got a movie for you.

An alright film with many bits of obnoxious writing is elevated by Streep's performance of a lifetime. This is just a very average movie only accentuated by Meryl Streep's excellent acting as usual, and it has an interesting subject matter that has always tickled the fancies of the Academy members.


So yeah it's one of those tens of thousands of fine movies set in World War II, and something that can easily be forgotten after watching if only for that Oscar-winning performance. Replicated film poster designs. A never-ending? This list is getting long so I moved some sections to…. Sophie's Choice. Sophie's Choice Directed by Alan J. Pakula Synopsis Between the innocent, the romantic, the sensual, and the unthinkable. There are still some things we have yet to imagine.

Director Alan J. Evan A.

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Marvin Hamlisch. Genres drama romance. A great example of why men are always the inferior choice in telling women's stories.