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Reisman has claimed that the recruitment techniques employed by homosexuals rival those of the United States Marine Corps. Reisman cited "a clear avenue for the recruitment of children" by homosexuals in her public support of Oregon Ballot Measure 9 In Reisman spoke at a conference of Christian right leaders in Colorado Springs, saying that homosexual "recruitment is loud; it is clear; it is everywhere. Reisman has postulated a physical mechanism to account for the dangers she ascribes to pornography: when viewed, an addictive mixture of chemicals which she has dubbed "erototoxins," floods the brain, causing harmful influences to it.

Reisman hopes that MRI studies will prove porn-induced physical brain damage and predicts lawsuits against publishers and distributors of pornography similar to those against Big Tobacco which resulted in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. Further, if pornography can "subvert cognition," then "these toxic media should be legally outlawed, as is all other toxic waste, and eliminated from our societal structure.

Reisman has said that she believes that a homosexual movement in Germany gave rise to the Nazi Party and the Holocaust, she endorses The Pink Swastika , which elaborates on this view and has compared modern youth groups for gays to the Hitler Youth. During the obscenity trial of Dennis Barrie, then director of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, for displaying controversial photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe, Reisman was called as the only expert witness for the prosecution.

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In the previous year, Reisman had authored an editorial in The Washington Times titled "Promoting Child Abuse as Art" which "accused Mapplethorpe of being both a Nazi and a child molester". The defense argued that she was not qualified as an art expert, but the judge allowed her to testify as a rebuttal witness.

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Among her credentials as a media specialist she listed: "preparation of educational videotapes and slide presentations for the Smithsonian Institution [as well as having] worked for Scholastic magazine, created audio-visual segments for television's ' Captain Kangaroo ' show, and did research for Attorney General Edwin Meese's commission on pornography and for the conservative American Family Association. During cross-examination by the defense on her views of homosexuality, Reisman testified that "anal sodomy is traumatically dysfunctional and is definitely associated with AIDS.

Science advisor Protective Parents Association. Judith Ann Gelernter Reisman has been listed as a noteworthy media communications executive, educator by Marquis Who's Who. Com columnist since , Women in Neurosci. Back to Profile.

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Images of children, crime, and violence in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. Day after day, sexually alluring images seize the eyes and assault the male brain at every turn. Is there any hope for those who feel like slaves to their desires? In this lecture with Scott Ritsema, we will discover the complexities of the brain and how our mind responds when we are stimulated by the flesh. Our brains are endlessly complex, created for eternity and created to know and worship Christ.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

Sadly, this powerful organ can also become powerfully addicted. Discover how pornography addiction can cause actual physical damage, not just psychological damage as many may have believed. Ritsema will discuss the shocking truths about pornography and show us that we can truly beat our sinful nature with faith over flesh. Learn about the lust cascade and the many detriments that lust can cause.

Heightened anxiety, dulled mental capabilities, and depression are just some of the symptoms of an addiction to lust. Watch this culturally relevant lecture to learn about the real physical ailments caused by self abuse and pornography, and hear how we can turn our minds from the things of this earth to the things above. I magine an elite group of evil child molesters meeting privately in an undisclosed location.

rreisman, Author at Human Events

Imagine, too, these wicked sexual predators making plans to conduct grotesque, real-life experiments on innocent little boys and girls. In these experiments, the children will be systematically raped, sodomized, and physically violated. Detailed records will be kept of the children's reactions so that pedophiles worldwide can "enjoy" seeing the results. This photograph was obviously posed to create deeply occult symbols and images.

Satanic Doctor to Conduct Experiment. Next, imagine this elite group deciding that these horrendous sexual experiments are to be supervised by a well known professor, or "doctor," of zoology. The chosen doctor happens to be an admirer of the infamous British satanist, Aleister Crowley the Beast , and is himself a pedophile and homosexual.

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He will be given millions of dollars to set up a sexual laboratory and institute at a public university somewhere in Middle America. After this doctor's depraved team completes its abominable research, the mass media will be employed. The nation's newspapers, television, and radio, along with educational organizations, will join in congratulating the pedophile research doctor on a job well done.

His name as a great thinker and scientist will go up in lights. The whole world shall sing his praises and be joyful for what this man has done to these little children, all in the name of science. The Work is Begun and is Successful. And so it is that the doctor of zoology and his helpers go about their grim business of sexual molestation. Thousands of children are thrown into beds. Pedophile molesters described as "research associates" repugnantly and with wicked abandon ravage their cringing, young bodies.

Some infants molested are only five months of age.

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The abused children are counted as statistics and labeled as "scientific subjects. All goes according to plan. The satanist doctor's name becomes a household word.

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  • Educators toast his brilliance. Commendatory books are published examining his work and touting his findings. Clergymen and readers of mass circulation magazines—including family-oriented publications—agree with his conclusions and change their attitudes and behaviors accordingly. No one seems upset.

    No one is alarmed.