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Accidents is now printed in full color on coated stock, offering more informative and attractive photos and illustrations. Analyzing 30 years of accident history, we detail the most frequent locations and causes of accidents on this popular mountain, with lessons for alpine climbs everywhere. The American Alpine Journal is written by contributors from around the world. Accidents in North American Climbing is written and edited by volunteers, staff, and regional correspondents.

Veteran climbing journalist Dougald MacDonald is editor in chief of these annual publications. McGivney; Kay, photographer. Romano, and C. Brown, editor. Braided River creates books as tools for specific conservation campaigns, partnering with grassroots organizations. Learn more at BraidedRiver. Includes CD of Tongass nature sounds. Skipstone promotes a deeper connection to our natural world through sustainable practices and backyard activism. Pasztor, DeTore; illustrations by Nunemaker. Hunter, Lightner. It offers easy, inspiring instruction for first-time gardeners who want to grow their own food while saving money and time and eating more healthfully.

In response to the rising interest in homegrown foods, the seattle urban farm Co. Along the way, McCrate and halm teach beginning growers the techniques of organic food production and how to build a garden from the ground up. In simple, accessible terms, they explain key topics, including:. Garden size and design for any setting Preparing soil, including fertilizer and compost Crop planning techniques Creating container gardens Watering and irrigation Plant Life —what are vegetables, anyway, and what should you eat?

In addition to building gardens and providing private gardening instruction, they teach community classes and lead urban farming workshops. Visit them at www. As the founders of the nationally recognized seattle urban farm Company, Colin McCrate and Brad halm have heard it all:. Pennington; Chen, photography. Herrera Vorass. Rain gardens for the Pacific Northwest Zsofia Pasztor and Keri DeTore, illustrated by Jill Nunemaker Understanding how rain gardens work begins with understanding the hydrologic cycle, or the constant movement of water across and through the landscape.

The Natural Hydrologic Cycle Long before strip malls and parking lots, nature mediated the movement of water and its effect on forests, streams, and oceans by a series of barriers, filters, and catchment systems. From there the rainfall could migrate into streams and underground aquifers at a gradual rate, providing a steady supply of water as needed during dry seasons. In an everrepeating cycle, surface water, and water brought back up to the surface, returned to the atmosphere through evaporation and plant transpiration. Vegetation In the regions of coastal Oregon, Washington, and southern British Columbia, evergreen conifer forests are the natural vegetation.

The canopy over your head the leaves and branches of the tree, also called the crown captures most of the precipitation; the needles make up a large surface that not only intercepts most of the rain but also transpires it back into the atmosphere. What rain does sneak through, its momentum checked by the canopy, descends slowly, hitting obstacles such as lower understory trees and large shrubs.

Perennials and groundcovers slow the remaining rain. Soil layers In the forest, by the time any rain contacts soil, even during big storms, it has slowed to a gentle flow that seeps into the soil without eroding it. The duff layer is the first soil it hits. Duff is what makes forest soil spongy. It consists of organic material that is in the process of composting decomposing but is still chunky and recognizable: twigs, crumbling rotted wood, leaves, mosses, lichens. Duff smells like the forest, holds lots of water, and becomes humus as it breaks down.

Humus means soil in Latin, and in soil science it refers to organic matter that has reached a stable state and will not break down any further—if conditions do not change severely, it will remain the same for millennia. The combined duff and humus layers soak up water and hold on to it, keeping plant roots moist long after the rains are gone. The water will eventually find its way into the aquifer, now cleansed and purified by the soil layers.

In cold weather, the water in the crevices freezes and expands, opening up new crevices. Even when an aquifer is filled to capacity, water can flow through it thanks to the permeable, often porous materials it is made of, such as sand and sandstone, or glacial outwash—type mixes, gravels, fractured rocks, limestone, granite, or basalt. Permeable layers in volcanic soils called rubble zones make wonderful aquifers. Granite layers are not the best aquifers as they are usually not porous, but they can hold water as long as the granite is not one single slab which can actually block access to soil below.

The best aquifer is one with lots of crevices, but most water-holding barrier layers work at least in part. What matters is that the water is held in place underground. Grant; Soltes, Photography. Cottrell, McNichols. Grist; Davis, Wroth, editors. Anderson; S. Smoot, photography. Duncan, Evans-Ramos, Hilderbrand; Baldwin, photographer.

Edwards, Olivella. Borg, Misterly, Jurgensen. But it can also be confusing, or even frustrating, due to the gigantic array of plants available at garden shops and nurseries. Or downright boring if you shop for plants at big-box stores that sell only the dozen nonnative plants that seem to be in every yard. In some ways, native or partially native gardens make the selection process much easier. First, not all Pacific Northwest native plants thrive in garden settings—so me, like orchids, need such exacting conditions that growing them at home is difficult if not impossible.

Second, nurseries generally offer a fraction of the species that exist naturally in the region, leaving us with hundreds of choices instead of thousands. I find that it also helps to choose plants—at least the dominant ones—that. Wogan; Sparks, photographer. The Healthy Back Book. Pujari, Alton. The Healthy Knees Book. Musnick, M. Tsong; Schultz, photographer. Carline, Ph. San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. The Mountaineers. Burns, M. Outward Bound USA. Backcountry cooking From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes. Jacobs, M. Start—or foster—your two-wheeled addiction with these helpful, authoritative maps from the Adventure Cycling Association.

Augustine, Florida miles. Augustine, Florida - Key West, Florida miles. McCoy and the Adventure Cycling Association. Rainier National Park, Washington miles. It was great being able to get the maps and have so much info in one place— a very accessible adventure! In fact, it is fair to say that Freedom is the definitive guide to mountains and climbing and has influenced pretty much every climber. Its simplicity coaxed me towards sky. Inspired in part by his intrepid four cardinal remy resolved to travel in the a balance mself on first ascents, and to explore ssity of home.

Donahue, Luebben. These guides are for busy people who love to climb — no long approaches, reasonable grades, generally close to urban areas. Each: approx. Olympic Mountain Rescue. Boulder Group, CMC. The Best Front Range Hikes. Denver Group, CMC. Colorado Mountain Club.

Grim, J. The Colorado Trail Foundation. Kedrowski, Tomer. Robertson, Fell, Hite, Case, Borneman. Leonard, Smith. The Colorado Mountain Club Foundation. The American Alpine Club. All paperbound. The Index is invaluable for researching climbs, mountains, climbers, and book reviews found in all previous American Alpine Journals. Nelson, Bauer, photographer. Kruckeberg, I. Spring, Sykes, C. In many places, the volcanic rockscapes. Cliffs and headlands The land here is in constant, sometimes violent and waves push sand into slide and slough and fall in on themselves.

Eisenberg, Yore. Links to photos, maps, and KML tracks. Jaramillo, C. Swartz, Wolff, Shahin. The Washington Trails Association. CA, B. Spring, H. Copeland, T. Tips on hiking with kids, safety, and fostering a wilderness ethic. Lewis; revised by Buff. A Complete Guide to Mount St. Wolfe, Jr. Trekking Nepal, 8th Ed. Bezruchka, Lyons. Tharkay with Norton. Gillman, L. Moro, foreword by Viesturs, translation by Meneghetti.

Kaltenbrunner, with SteinbachTarnutzer. Heckmair, Foreword by Messner. A night like tonight whittles away emotion and imagination. It breaks things down to their simplest form. I have to pee. My boots are frozen stiff so I yank out the liners and slide my socked feet into the shells. I strap a pair of clear-lensed goggles A MEMOIR over my face, touch the button on my headlamp, pull the cannula out of my nose, and crawl through the vestibule into black and white. Just a few steps. The wind is juking and darting like a fish evading a predator. I crouch low to the moraine and empty my pee bottle in a crevice.

Where is the tent? A rush of fear and adrenaline runs through me like I used to get when I was a kid, stepping outside our house at night, terrified of the dark. No more than a paragraph will be devoted to explaining the circumstances of my death, but the story will go on for another five pages with quotes from Dad and a description of his legendary ascent in A cloud of frozen dust stings my eyes. The beam of light coming from my headlamp runs into the storm. All I see are white flecks of static and endless black behind it. Another cloud of frozen dust swirls at me and I instinctively close my eyes.

When I open them again I see something in a patch of snow. Relief floods me. I see a footprint. Lowe-Anker; Krakauer, foreword. Bangs, Foreword by Ed Viesturs. Sherwonit, editor. Mudd Ruth. Kjeldsen; Lans, photo editor. Galton; Harmon, editor. Tracking the Endangered White Whale Glover. Rights: W. Cornell Lab of Ornithology. For years, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has researched the lives of birds, educating the public and striving for protection of species and habitat. But the Lab does much more than study—it celebrates birds through song and image, and connects us to them.

An intimate yet stunning exploration of north American species, The Living Bird explores our joyful, complex relationship with birds. Barbara Kingsolver remembers her youth as a reluctant birder, while years later she exalts in a special birding trip with her father.

Scott Weidensaul delves into the secret lives of birds: How do flocks of birds migrate thousands of miles? What determines who mates with whom? What purpose do all those pretty feathers and glorious melodies serve? Lyanda Lynn Haupt finds inspiration in our everyday birds as they connect us to the natural world, and she describes how citizen science enriches our understanding of everything around us. Fitzpatrick considers the status of birds today: while too many species have been driven to extinction, others have made remarkable recoveries thanks to human action.

Jared Diamond underscores that it is in our hands to protect the living birds around us. From enjoying backyard Black-capped Chickadees and yellow Warblers to spotting a Pileated Woodpecker to admiring the powerful soar of a Gyrfalcon, watching and listening to birds leads us into a greater understanding of their environment— and of ours.

Mapes; Ringman, photography. Gordon; Goettling, illustrator. Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project. Two-sided plastic laminated field guides—— color drawings, common and scientific names, information on size and habitat. If we pay attention, the birds in our lives become mediators between the obvious and the hidden, between the normal way of seeing and a way of seeing that is less common but more beautiful, nourishing, and grounding.

Fitzpatrick, and Jared Diamond carl battreall Foreword by. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, in Ithaca, new york, is a world leader in the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds. Their hallmarks are scientific excellence and technological innovation to advance the understanding of nature and to engage people of all ages in learning about birds and protecting the planet.

Founded in , the Cornell Lab is a nonprofit organization whose vibrant community includes supporters, citizen-science participants, and millions of bird enthusiasts from all walks of life who connect with them online at www. The scientists collected specimens of plants, animals, and minerals, which they shipped back to Portland by way of the mule train to Hoodsport. The majority of the party was assigned to cutting the mule trail, while 2 or 3 man exploring parties fanned out and scouts went ahead. The scouts and side exploring parties scrambled up slopes on all fours, pulling themselves up by grabbing onto vegetation; descended similar slopes by sliding, deliberately or inadvertently; hacked and crawled through dense brush and windthrow; waded up rivers and streams when there was no other way through; felled trees to bridge ravines and rivers; and traversed narrow ridges of crumbling vertically-oriented shale.

Hornet and yellow jacket wasp attacks were a daily occurrence, sending men scrambling and mules stampeding, one over a cliff to her death. Where the men crossed swamps, devils club thorns impaled the men and broke off in their skin, creating painful inflammations. One party of 3 men climbed what they thought was Mount Olympus but was in reality one of the neighboring peaks, Athena II.

A fourth member of the summit party became separated on the climb and ended up descending the Queets River alone, and was taken in by a Quinault Indian family. They were reluctant to believe that he had crossed the Olympics, not believing it was possible to do so; but they accepted his story when he was able to point out reference points on a map. Many members of this expedition spoke Chinook jargon. From their settlement, he was able to rejoin the expedition in Hoquiam. O'Neil's reports on his explorations resulted in his recommendation that the region be declared a national park.

Mount Olympus itself was not ascended until , one of the first successes of The Mountaineers , which had been organized in Seattle just a few years earlier. Their report, published in , reported that most of the land was not suited to agriculture, but local politicians had already convinced President William McKinley to remove the most valuable lowland timber from the reserve, claiming it should be open to homesteading. The Forest Reserve was reorganized under Gifford Pinchot as the Olympic National Forest in , with an emphasis on commercial utilization of timber and minerals and fire protection, as well as hunting and trapping.

In , the new supervisor of the Forest Service, Henry Graves, made a trip to the Olympics to determine if commercial timber and minerals were being tied up in the national monument. The Elwha River was dammed in with construction of the Elwha Dam. Neither dam had any fish passage for the salmonid runs, completely eliminating salmonids from over 70 miles of river.

As part of the settlement, migrating salmon will be trucked around the dam. The Wynoochee River was dammed in the late s by the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control, but in the dam was taken over by the city of Tacoma for power generation. With the building of the Spruce Railroad during World War I and the completion of the Olympic Highway in , logging in the Olympics intensified, along with demand for recreational facilities.

Special use permits were also issued for private summer cabins at Lakes Cushman and Quinault, and the Olympic Hot Springs resort. During the Great Depression , the Olympic National Forest used the Civilian Conservation Corps to build logging roads and railroads, bridges, campgrounds, shelters, fire lookouts, ranger stations, and a fish hatchery. They also fought fires and planted tree seedlings. Pressure for a national park built with the acceleration of logging and road building. The majority reported that the Olympics fully rated protection as a national park, but one member issued a minority report stating that public pressure for recreational facilities would require the Park Service to build roads, campgrounds, and chalets, thus negating any benefit from national park status.

In , President Franklin D. In , the park was enlarged with the addition of the coastal strip, [35] and more coastal areas along Lake Ozette were added in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Olympic Mountains Mount Olympus. Retrieved 18 Feb Cascade-Olympic Natural History. Portland, Oregon: Raven Editions.

Olympic Mountains Trail Guide. Seattle, Washington: The Mountaineers Press. Retrieved 16 November Major Public Lands of Washington map. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press. National Park Service. Retrieved Western Regional Climate Center. Retrieved 22 Oct Roadside Geology of Washington. Natural Vegetation of Oregon and Washington. Retrieved 16 Feb Olympic Coast Alliance. Retrieved 17 Feb Portland, Oregon: Timber Press.

Ecological Monographs. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Seattle, Washington: Northwest Interpretive Association. Retrieved 21 July Vox Media. Retrieved 8 November Across the Olympic Mountains; the Press Expedition, — Wray, Jacilee ed. Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press. Origin of Washington Geographic names. The Pacific Northwest. Olympic Mountains: A Climbing Guide. The Mountaineers Books. Retrieved 28 Feb Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 December Tacoma Public Utilities.

Elliot, Daniel Giraud Catalogue of mammals from the Olympic Mountains, Washington. Field Columbian Museum. Glaciers of the Olympic Mountains. Helens Glaciers of other Washington mountains. Hidden categories: CS1 errors: deprecated parameters Coordinates on Wikidata All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from August Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Atlas - United States, Canada, Mexico - road maps. American southwest, The:. Photography by Bruce Dale.

Southwest - new - description and travel; Southwest - new - history. Pictorial work - Southwest - United States - history. Zim, Herbert S. Simon and Schuster. A Golden Regional Guide. Touring - Southwest - guidebooks; Wildlife and biology - Southwest - guidebooks; Southwest - description and travel - guidebooks. Guidebook - Southwest - touring, wildlife, biology and geology.

Americans on everest:. Ullman, James Ramsey Lippincott Company. A small of the book first appeared in slightly different form in Life magazine, America's ancient cities. Stuart, Gene S. Photographs by Richard Alexander Cooke. Paintings by H. Tom Hall. Indians of North America - antiquities; Cities and towns, ruined, extinct, etc. America's Atlantic isles.

Morrison, H. Photography by David Alan Harvey. Atlantic coast - United States - description and travel; Islands - Atlantic coast - United States; Martime province - description and travel; Islands - Maritime province. America's back roads and byways. Guidebook - United States - roads - pictorial work. America's backpacking book. Bridge, Raymond. Charles Scribner's Sons. First edition published in America's hidden corners:.

United States - description and travel - - addresses, essays, lectures Amazon River. Amazon River; Amazon river valley. Pictorial work - United States - description and travel - off beaten path. America's hidden treasures:. National Geographic Society, The. National Geographic Park Profiles. Prepared by the National Geographic Book Division. Natural parks and reserves - United States; United States - description and travel - - guidebooks.

Pictorial work - lesser national parks - United States. Prepared by the Book Division of the N.

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Contributing authors are Seymour L. National parks and reserves - United States; United States - description and travel - National parks and reserves - United States. America's hidden wilderness:. Wilderness areas - North America. America's historic trails. Thompson, John. Published by the The Book Division. Historic trails - United States; United States - description and travel.

Pictorial work - Historic trails. America's inland waterway:. Fisher, Allan C. Photography by James L. Foreword by Cornelius Shields. Intracoastal waterway; Atlantic coast - description and travel. Pictorial work - Atlantic coast - intracoastal waterway. America's magnificent mountains. Greenwood, Daniel E. Hutner, George F. Mobley, H. Robert Mo. Photographs by James P. Prepared by the Special Publications Division. Maps by Susan Young.

Mountains - United States; Coast mountains - description and travel; Sierra Madre mountains - Mexico - description and travel; United States - description and travel - Mountains - United States. America's majestic canyons. Canyons - United States; United States - description and travel. America's seashore wonderlands. Seashore ecology - North America. Pictorial work - North America - seashore ecology. America's spectacular northwest. Photographs by Robert W.

Northwest, Pacific - description and travel - - addresses, essays, lectures; Northwest, Pacific - social life and customs - addresses, essays, lectures. Pictorial work - Pacific Northwest - description and travel. America's sunset coast. Windsor, Merrill. Photography by James A. America's western edge. Photographs by Phil Schermeister. Pictorial work - Pacific Coast - United States - description and travel.

America's wild and scenic rivers. Wild and scenic rivers - United States; United States - description and travel - America's wild woodlands. Among mountains. Crumley, Jim. Mainstream Publishing Co. Biography - Scotland - mountaineering; Description and travel - Scotland. Biography - Scotland - mountaineering. Among the alps with Bradford. Washburn, [Henry] Bradford, Jr.

Putnam's Sons. Autographed by the author at a presentation sponsored by the International Museum of Photography, Rochester, New York, An evening of adventure with Washburn, October 26, Anchorage visitors guide. Tourism - Anchorage, Alaska - guide-books; Anchorage, Alaska - travel and description - guide-books. Guidebook - Anchorage, Alaska - tourism. Ancient adirondacks, The. Barnett, Lincoln. Time-Life Books Inc. The American Wilderness series. Ancient pioneers:. Stuart, George E. Edited by Rebecca Lescaze. Indians; Indians - antiquities; America - antiquities. Indians - America - antiquities.

Animal kingdoms:. Wildlife refuges; National parks and reserves; Wildlife refuges - pictorial works; National parks and reserves - pictorial works.

Wildlife refuges - pictorial work. Animals of East Africa:. Leakey, Louis S. Foreword by Leonard Carmichael. Mammals - East Africa. Pictorial work - East Africa - mammals. Herzog, Maurice Expedition narrative - Annapurna - Nepal - first ascent. Book Club Edition. Blum, Arlene. Pritzker, Barry. Distributed by Outlet Book Company, Inc. Produced by Brompton Books Corporation. Susan Berstein, editor. Rita Longabucco, picture editor. Outdoor photography - Ansel Adams; Ansel Adams - portfolio - photography - natural scenes. Photography - Ansel Adams - natural scenes.

Wheeler, Sara. Cadogan Books plc. Cardogan Guides, Rachel Fielding, series ed. All photographs by the author unless noted otherwise. Antarctica - description and travel - guidebooks; The Falkland Islands - description and travel - guidebooks; South Georgia - description and travel - guidebooks. Guidebook - Antarctica - touring. Antarctica - description and travel - guidebooks. Antartica - pictorial work. Antarctica: exploring the last continent:. Antarctica - travel and description - boat touring. Boat touring - Antarctica. Aoraki mount cook:. Palman, Alex. New Zealand Alpine Club.

Cook Region by Hugh Logan. The 2nd ed. Guidebook - Mount Cook - New Zealand, south island - climbing. Appalachian trail, The. Fisher, Ronald M.

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Photography by Dick Durrance. Foreword by Benton MacKaye. Appalachian trail. Pictorial work - United States - Appalachian trail - description and travel. Johnson, David W. Edited by Mary Lu Moore. Photography - Arches national park - Utah. Arctic dreams:. Lopez, Barry. Arizona trails:. Mazel, David. First edition was published in ; 2nd ed. Drawings by Annie Mazel. Hiking - Arizona - guidebooks; Arizona - description and travel - guidebooks. Guidebook - Arizona - hiking. Walker, Steven. Camelback Design Group, Inc. Arizona - pictorial work; Arizona - natural history. Pictorial work - Arizona.

Around the U. Runyon, A. Bergane, eds. Nelson Doubleday, Inc. Foreword by Paul J. Ten maps drawn by Rafael Palacios. United States - Pictorial works. Pictorial work - United States. Art of National Geographic, The:. Carter, Alice A. Afterword by Christopher P. Magazine illustration - 20th century - United States; Magazine illustration - 19th century - United States; National geographic - illustrations. Pictorial work - United States - National geographic - art illustrations.

As we live and breathe:. Human ecology; Nature - effect of human beings on. Pictorial work - ecology - human effects on. Ascent of denali mount mckinley , The:. Stuck, Hudson Wolfe Publishing Co. Reprint of original edition. Reprint title is: The ascent of Denali: the expedition that first conquered Mt. Previously published as Two generations, Bernstein, Jeremy. Random House.

Aspen high country:. Thunder River Press. Aspen snowmass trails:. Ohlrich, Warren. Foldout map tipped in inside back cover. Hiking - Colorado - Aspen - Snowmass - guide-books; Snowmass - Aspen - Colorado - description and travel - guide-books. Guidebook - Snowmass - Aspen - Colorado - hiking. Atlantic beaches. Leonard, Jonathan Norton. Atlantic Canada handbook:. Moon Publications, Inc. Guidebook - Atlantic Maritime Provinces - touring. Includes map of Australia. Australia - description and travel. Pictorial work - Australia - description and travel.

Travel - Australia - guide-books; Australia - travel and description - guide-books. Guidebook - Australia - travel. Edwards, Tudor. Drawings by Barbara Crocker. Maps by Broad Oak Studios. Touring - Austria - guidebooks; Austria - description and travel - guidebooks. Guidebook - Austria - touring.

Avalanche accidents in Canada:. Canadian Avalanche Association. Avalanches - Canada - accidents. Accidents - Avalanches - Canada. Avalanche book, The. Fulcrum, Inc. Daffern, Tony. Rocky Mountain Books. Simultaneously published in the US by Cloudcap, Seattle. Avalanches - safety measures; Ski and skiing - safety measures; Mountaineering - safety measures.

Avalanche tips - skiing - climbing. Back roads America:. O'Neill, Thomas. Photographs by Ira Block. United States - social life and customs - ; United States - description and travel - Amazon River. Pictorial work - United States - back road travel. Backcountry medical guide. Steele, Peter.

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Originally published in by Constable and Co. Revised and updated. Outdoor medical emergencies - handbooks, manuals, etc. Medical outdoor emergency manual. Backpacker's cookbook, The:. Macklin, Harvey. Pagurian Press. Illustrated by E. Backpacking - cookbook; Wilderness foods. Backpacking - cookbook. Backpacker's food book, The.

A Fireside Book. Outdoor cookery; backpacking. Backpacker's hints and tips for better backpacking. Publication code is BP Backpacking - instructional suggestions. Backpacking - instruction. Publication code is BPE. Backpacker's recipe book:. Antell, Steve. Pruett Publishing Company.

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Food for backpacking. Backpackers' sourcebook:. First edition published in ; second edition published in Backpacking - United States - directories; backpacking - United States. Backpacking - United States. Bradt, Hilary. Bradt Publications; Hunter Publishing Inc. Hiking - Peru - guide-books; Hiking - Bolivia - guide-books; Peru - description and travel - guide-books; Bolivia - description and travel - guide-books. Backpacking and walking in Italy. Ardito, Stefano. Maps by Hans van Well.

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Line drawings by Clare King. Hiking - Italy - guide-books; Italy - description and travel - guide-books. Guidebook - Italy - hiking. Backpacking basics:. Winnett, Thomas. First edition published in under the title Backpacking for fun; second edition in Backpacking guide to the weminuche wilderness in the san juan mountains of Colorado, A.

Gebhardt, Dennis. Basin Reproduction and Printing Company. Two maps inside back cover. Backpacking - Colorado - San Juan range - Weminuche wilderness - guide-books; Weminuche Wilderness - San Juan range - Colorado - description and travel - - guide-books. Guidebook - Colorado - San Juan range - Weminuche wilderness. Backpacking Oregon.

Lorain, Douglas.

Maps ed. By Jaan Hitts. Backpacking - Oregon - guidebooks; Oregon - guidebooks. Guidebook - Oregon - backpacking. Backpacking Washington. Backpacking - Washington - guidebooks; Hiking - Washington - guidebooks; Trails - Washington - guidebooks; Washington - guidebooks. Badlands, The. Clark, Champ. Badlands: its life and landscape:. Hauk, Joy Keve. Badlands Natural History Association. Pubished in cooperation with the National Park Service, U. Department of the Interior.

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Tobey, Kelly. Illustrations by Carmen Barbosa. Basic mountaineering. Mandolf, Henry I. San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. Mountaineering; rock climbing; snow and ice climbing. Basic rockcraft. Rock climbing; Mountaineering. Mountaineering - rock climbing. Feibleman, Peter S. Beartooth country:. Montana's Absaroka and Beartooth mountains. Anderson, Bob. Rick Graetz; Montana Magazine, Inc. Montana Geographic Series, Number Seven.

Pictorial guide - Absaroka and Beartooth mountains - Montana. Beautiful northwest, The:. Pictorial guide - northwestern, U. Beckoning silence, The. Simpson, Joe. The Mountaineer Books; Cordee. Narrative - mountaineering. Belgium and Luxembourg. Below another sky:. Ridgeway, Rick. Narrative - mountaineering - Himalaya journey. Ben nevis rock and ice climbs, including creag meagaidh, the aonachs and central highlands.

Scottish Mountaineering Club.

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Re-inforced paper. Distributed by Cordee, Leicester, UK. Guidebook - Ben Nevis - Scotland - climbing. Berkshire trails for walking and ski touring.