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They are also physically larger, and similarly sized to Steve Jackson's Sorcery! The Cretan Chronicles also use a unique system known as "Taking a Hint". At times the reader may want to perform non-standard actions. These are not offered in the text, but are available when the paragraph number is in italic type, by adding 20 to the paragraph number. If there is no non-standard action at that point which a Bronze-Age hero would have thought of, the reader pays a penalty in either Honour or Shame or both , for trying to be ahead of his time.

If a player's patron is Athena, the penalty is only to honour, never shame; if it's Apollo, god of prophecy, no penalty applies. Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video! For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Cretan Chronicles. Our magic isn't perfect You can help our automatic cover photo selection by reporting an unsuitable photo.

The cover is visually disturbing. The cover is not a good choice. Rich Minimal Serif. Justify Text. Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode. This article needs additional citations for verification. See also. Mazes and Minotaurs a role-playing game also set in the world of ancient Greek myth. Honour is all about how goody-goody you are, and it will also be used to increase your Might and Protection should the need arises in combat. Shame on the other hand keeps track of your faux pas, embarrassing mistakes like marrying your own mother — oops , and dishonorable antics.

Basically, you must never have your Shame score rise above your Honour score, because when that happens, you will be compelled to commit ritual suicide and your adventure is naturally over. Health is tracked in a rather unusual manner called Wound Record, with Wound Record being not quantified by numbers. Instead, you can only sustain a fixed number of whacks from an opponent before you are dead the same goes for your opponent and when the combat is over, your Wound Record automatically goes back up to maximum level and you are considered Healthy all over again.

There are other rules that involve combat, surrendering, taking hints, praying to Zeus at critical moments for favors, and your relationship with various Greek gods. All of these come into play in this story and you will have your hands full keeping track of all of these rules. You may end up feeling like a little kid constantly being berated and scolded by the authors for misbehaving.

It will take a while to get used to the rules, but once you have settled in nicely, Bloodfeud of Altheus is a pretty interesting campaign. It is dawn, and rosy-fingered Eos has only just tinged the horizon with red. The streets of Troezen are empty, save for a handful of scurrying slaves already about their masters' busi- ness, and you come quickly to the temple. The High Priest greets you; he already knows of your errand. Many dangers await you; with- out the aid of a god you carmot prevail.

Choose now a patron god or goddess to guide and help you. If beauty tempts you, think of Aphrodite. Your travels are sure to take you across seas and oceans, and these are Poseidon's province. Choose now one of these six to aid you, and pay them homage. Good luck, Altheus son of Aegeus. For Ares, turn to For Poseidon, turn to For Apollo, turn to As you struggle up a rocky mountain path, a man and a woman ride past on ahorse, deep in conversation.

As they gallop on, the dust makes you splutter, but they are out of sight before you can react. It is fertile and inviting. You can see high-walled Tiryns in the distance and, a little nearer and to the east, Epidauxus sacred to Asclepius the healer. You drink deeply from the wineskin and press on down the hillside. Its warming rays play on the leaf-filled trees. The way out of Cleonae climbs gently to the crest of the foothills.

Your legs, now fresh andieager for the journey, make light work of the ascent. As youi reach the top, you gasp at the panorama below. To your left the Gulf of Corinth opens out in a vast expanse of wine-dark water. At its head lies the dty of Corinth, standing like a watchtower, , vigilant over the sea, in case the pirates come to carry off the crops and lay waste the weil-stocked villages. At the foot of , ; the hills to the right is little Cenchraea, sister of Corinth, as the moon is of the sun. Beyond the harbour the Saronic Gulf reaches out almost to Athens, city of the owl-eyed goddess.

Between the waters the Isthmus links the Isle of Pelops with the wilder lands beyond. It forms a soggy mass and causes the water to overflow on to the table. The crowd recoils in horror at your action. Go to If your patron is Ares turn to You knock again, harder, and this time a serving-maid opens the door. She looks surprised to see you, and calls out to a massively built woman, who wears a woollen apron. She is clearly in charge of the kitchen, and when she catches sight of you, she demands to know who you are.

Do you reply 'Altheus' , or 'Pyraphas' ? Go now from the Athenian shores and while all-seeing Zeus scans the earth with immortal eye, let not your great-oared ships make land- ing on our beaches. Yet in return for your heroic generosity I will aid you a little. I know you travel to Crete. There seek out an Amazon named Lembra, and say you are Antiope's friend. You do not stay, but go quickly back to Aegeus to tell him that there is peace between the two nations. Have 5 Honour points for prevent- ing the war.

The blue team laps the red driver, but the latter in his inexperience swerves the wrong way, and ends the race for both of them. Soon the yellow chariot has a commanding lead, and the race comes to an anticlimactic conclusion. You go to bed, tired of the Achamian chariot races.

Next morning you wake, and set 9ut refreshed for Athens A nymph slips her hand into yours, and the dancing begins afresh. The hot blood pounds in your veins, and as the hours pass you drink deeply of the vine's fruit, and forget yourself in the blissful oblivion of Dionysus. Suddenly afraid at the icharging of the beast, they drop their javelins and rush back to Cirrha and beyond, as the farmer who has trodden upon a snake unawares recoils and is afraid, runs away, and leaves his plough untended, and his com for the black crows to pick at. You may pick ,up one of the javelins for yourself.

It is normally Might i. Protection o, but you may, as your first action in a combat, throw it, and then engage in normal combat, still having the first strike, if you want it. So long as you defeat your opponent, you retrieve the javelin.

Cretan Chronicles

You carry on into Cirrha. You stroll through the back alleys, taking advantage of the welcome shade offered by the close-built streets- Go to ! Ahead, in the centre of the 'plain, a town stands whitely, baking in thei morning sun. Soon, you reach the town, and discover that you were correct. The place is Thebes. Even as you do so, you wish you were elsewhere. The very ground is sticky, and the smell of unwashed, unwanted beggars assails your nos- trils. A small boy runs up and itries to take your boots. He is soon joined by many othersiof his ilk.

Wrinkling your features in unashamed disgust, you press on through the grimy, unlovely alleysfj Your bidly : pleads fof food; but your head urges you to quit this foul place. If you eat, go to ; if you try to leave the town hungry, go'to You rein your chariot to a halt,; and leap lightly out. On your head is placed the victor's laurel wreath. You may have 5 Honour points for your victory. Yotiiwander around the town, feted by Acharnians, and show great ZaeiKwrfia.

Soon the innkeeper brings you your breakfast, and then you are on your way to Athens Just when you think you are safely away, it rushes out, and the chain snaps as it lunges towards you. It sinks its savage teeth deep into your dnkle. You kick it, and mandge to drive it off. It goes whimper- ing back to its master's house. There is no place to spend the night. Suddenly two men emerge from the shadows and bar the way in front of you. You are about to spring to the attack, when you feel a sharp blow at the back of the neck. You slump unconscious to the ground, and when you awake you find that your money-bag and your weapons have been stolen.

The armour you were wearing if any has not gone, although attempts have been made to loosen it. You feel in your tunic and find with a sigh of relief that the money and possessions stored there have not been taken. Lose 1 Honour point for being mugged. Soon you fall unconscious, asleep.

The king has been wounded by an assassin, but will not die, so you are free to go. Tired and terrified, you go quickly i to the palace gates and collect your weapons, afraid lest the king die, when you would surely be executed. At length the Pythia ceases her ecstatic wailing, and the priest returns. If not then strife will be your only wealth. Wondering at the words of the god, and having first retrieved your weapons, you set off down to Thebes. You take some of the seed from the bowl and scatter it on the crowd. It blows in the wind, and the people shout out, eager to catch even a grain.

Seeing that you have chosen rightly, you continue until the bowl is half empty. You are Wounded, Go to He only rolls one die, and abandons his axe, but his combat values change to Might 12, Protection 5. If you kill him, go to ; if you die, but Zeus saves you, go to No Greek hero should feel fear so soon after leaving the haUs of his ancestors.

Take 1 point of Shame and go back to 2. In the morning many early-risers pass by, jeering, as they go tO; their toils in the fields of waving com. For this dishonourable place of rest for the night, you lose 1 Honoitr point. Go to 3. His blood spurts out like water from a shattered vessel. His body jerks in a final spasm, and is still. You have slain a king.

Horrified by the enormity of your crime, you must have 7 Shame points. You may however take his swoT'd. It has Might 3, Protection 1. Just as you unsheathe the sword you healr noises. You look out of the window, see shadows moving in the courtyard and hear rushing footsteps. Co to With almost deafening shouts of anger, they rushiup the steps. The rest of the mob follows them, screaming its anger.

Cretan Chronicles - Wikiwand

The taller of the two men grabs your arms before you have a chance to draw a weapon. You fall doubled up, and a single blow connects with your head. If you have not yet prayed to Zeus, now you must do so you will find yourself at paragraph The lynch mob tear at your limbs, and not soon enough does grim-faced Hades sunder your spirit from its battered flesh. From the uttermost west he comfes, Talos, the giant of bronze.

God-made, he almost runs through the water, gigantic sword in hand. Muscles not made of flesh ripple, and his mouth seems to form itself into an inhuman grin. He cannot speak, but roars his defiance in a strange metallic clanging. You must face Talos in combat. Protection You have no retreat. If you hit Talos three times, go to If you surrender, go to If you die, go to You must cany on the fight.

You can either remain on deck go to , or plunge into the sea to face your foe go to As the rider disappears behind you, you clamber out of thei ditch, but then the horseman comes riding back towards you, shouting, and you can tell that it is, in fact, a woman. Take i point of Shame and go to You gasp and struggle, frantically trying to free yourself. Above the rushing of the water, you hear the laughter of the captain, crew and fourteen Athenians. In your distress you are relieved when someone grasps hold of you and pulls you out from the death-bringing waves.

To your embarrassment, it is the woman who was in the boat. She has steered it away from the rocks to come and rescue you. Have 2 Shame points. If Aphrodite is your ipatron, go to Otherwise, go to In its joy the crowd scrabbles to collect the sacred grain, symbol of the new-bom fertility of the earth. You rhust lose all your possessions save the documents for Minos if you have them , anything gained from Antiope, a weapon of your choice, a piece of armour of your choice, and one other item from your Chronicle Sheet, which must not beiarms or armour.

The crew stand aghast at your failure to save the woman from black- hearted Fate. Have 4 Shame Points, and turn to There is a powerful smell of rotting food and unwashed locals. Despite being nearly overcome by nausea, you step up tO'the bar. Beside you an old man, with bare feet, speaks. The innkeeper has now come over, and proffers you a key to an upstairs room. They draw daggers, from the folds of tiieir cloaks and defend themselves.

Remember the rules about fighting multiple opponents. If both of your opponents are Seriously Wounded, go to If you surrender, gOi to If you retreat out of the irm, and away into Thebes, go to You have in your tumc the stolen loaf. You move quickly away from the market, fearful of being noticed, even now. You are not particularly, hungry; mdeed, on reflection, you can see no reason why you com- mitted this senseless deed. You could eat the loaf, and destroy the evidence go to , or you could try to sell the loaf to a passer-by go to The ascent seems endless, but at last you reach a flat place.

Your legs are pulled from under you and now each of your limbs is held. You plead for forgiveness, but the only response is laughter.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks Review Part 1 - Books 1 to 10

Suddenly your captor's grip is gone. For one moment you try to stand, but find no ground beneath you.

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You daw wildly at the air as you fall, faster and faster. Not even Zeus will save you from death now. You pause for a moment, and then carry on. Unhindered, into the city itself. You must find the way to the palace, but do not know how to. Ahead of you are grand houses, buUt in stone, the abodes of some great lords of the dty, but not large enough to be the house of your father. To either side of these, lesser houses of mud-baked brick block further progress into the dty.

You could carry on along this road to the left 90 , or to the right Alternatively, you could ask someone the way to the palace You can, however, disarm him and take him to the dty authorities for judgement. You may take his axe Might 5, Protection —3 and continue on your way next morning. The road is hard desert, and the sun beats down relentlessly.

After many more hours your feet grow weary and your sight grows dim. In the distance ahead, you see a lone horseman galloping towards you, Do you hide in the ditch until he goes past turn to 30 , or carry on as normal turn to ? Go to , 1 44 If you are in Favour with Poseidon, then any roll of 5 will advance your favoured horse by 1 space, if you spend 1 Honour point. If Poseidon, the horse lord, is your patron then the horse on which you bet advances 1 space on a roll of 5, without the need to spend any Honour. Return to There are a few drunken brawls, but nothing a hero would get involved in.

The day's travel begins to sap the strength from your legs, and you feel that you must rest. You look for a place to spend the night. You struggle back to the shore and the goddess speaks once more.

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Too late for that,' she says. When you call on me, I can entreat my husband on your behalf, but since you have offended me, I shall not listen before you have sacrificed to me. Go You seem to hear the god himself speaking to you. If you, win, turn to Should youwish to retreat, turn to Perhaps this is the spot from which his ichor; his life-blood, flows!

You plunge into the waters It is shallow; coming only up to your waist, and soon you , are at the spot. If you hit him three times, turn to If you surrender, turn to If you die, turn to How much greater, you muse to yourself, must the entire earth seem to Zeus sitting on his Olympian throne. Yet Athens must be by far its fairest city, second only to the divine realm of the gods. Temples to all the gods lie below, evidence of Athens' devotion to the Olympians, but naturally the greatest of them ail is that to Athena.

To one side of this, on the outskirts of the dty, lies the palace, the sun reflecting off the walls, damp from the rain of the storm earlier. You hurry down the hill, eager to reach your destination. This is an opportune time! Each year, we must send seven young men and seven girls to sate the appetite of the Cretan Minotaur.

You, my son, must be our emissary. If he wUl not accept, there will be war between our states. Or do you leave the gathered assemblage of Athens' nobility behind, and follow your father ?. Placed just where it begins, is the triple-formed statue of Hecate, queen of the underworld, and goddess of night, one head pointing in each direction. In one of her six hands, she carries headless jet-black puppy.

In another she holds a torch. You may pass the statue to the right, on towards Eleusis go to 86 , or to the left and Delphi go to You have travelled far from Troezen, and learnt much, yet your task is not half done, and you know it will be long before the words of the god Hermes cease to echo down the chambers of your Ufe. At last, you sleep. There are now just two of you left clinging to the floating wood. Your companion loses his grip on the bench he is holding and does not again emerge from the water beneath. You feel your strength ebbing fast, and just as you are about to give in, and offer your soul to grim Hades, your patron appears and offers you succour if you will only show your faith.

To save yourself you must lose 4 Honour points. If you cannot afford this, your only hope is to pray to 2;eus, if you have not already done so. In either case, go to If not, then your body will float, untended, unburied, and you will wan- der, a homeless shade, on the banks of the River Lethe. The labyrinth and Crete seem so far away, and you bang at the door, demanding to be released, The guard says nothing, and at length you cease.

Perhaps your patron will release you. Turn to The irmkeeper Procrustes makes it his gruesome duty to fit all of his guests to the bed, with an axe if necessary. Hide behin4 the door and you may surprise him. But hurry! You shriek in pain, as the bird caught in flight by the archer's arrow cries out briefly, before it i plummets to the ground. You feel strong arms grip you from behind, and you are led away quickly.

You stumble often,; and are pushed along roughly by your captors. You ignore, also, the hostels which line the route at regular intervals, places where travellers may gain some respite from the hardships of the road. You realize you are drawing closer to Delphi, as the number of pilgrims on the road increases, so that always ahead of you some figure treads the road. Nighfcis falling as you approach the town of Cirrha. I ; You could use the water to quench the flame Yoy could sprinkle water on the corn You hail the strong-limbed crew, and explain your plari.

There are several ways you could proceed. One sailor has a short barbed spear tO; throw at the cows, and sever their unknowing lives. If you choose this, go to Alternatively youicould try to wrestle a cow down unarmed. If you do this, turn to You are' in Favour with Hera. You may have 2 Honour points. Searching the houSe,! Seeing their inde- cision, you exhort them once more to save the men. They disperse silently, and the two men are left alone. They thanJs you gratefully, and say that they will now head out of Athens for some friendlier town. Your blow strikes home, and he is Wounded, sfill on the groimd.

He has Might 6, Protection If he is Seriously Wounded; turn to If you die and are saved by Zeus, turn to If you retreat, go to 86 remember the Shame point, for successfully retreating, in addition to the i Honour penalty for trying to retreat. You could go to the palace, and warn the king of the plans against his life Or do you try to tackle the inen yourself ? Nobody takes any notice of you, but you lose 1 Honour point for being timid, rather than the great-hearted hero your brother was.

Go back to Tou're a good boy, Altheus,' she simpers. To revenge your brother's death, you must travel to Crete, which is an awfully long way away. There, before all else, you must seek out Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, who will aid you in your struggle. She is kind and fair - though nowhere near as fair as I am - and you can trust her. Now I shall take you to Tiryns, and there we shall rest. I have one more vital piece of knowledge to impart to you, but that can wait until we are comfortable. The horse careers wildly up and 68 down the beach, and you are hard put to stay on.

Eventually the horse calms, and you feel you have the mastery of it. At this point you look down and see an old man standing at the water's edge, robed in sea-greens and blues. In his hands he bears a trident, wreathed in seaweed. For I am Poseidon, not merely god of the seas, but also master of horses.

For your good sense, I will reward you. The seas no longer hold peril for you. Continue on your quest with my blessing, though I am imable to grant you your brother's courage, or the wisdom of yovu: father. You are in favour with Poseidon, if he is not your patron. In any case, have 3 Honoiu- points. Awed at the appearance of Ocean's lord, you travel on beyond Cenchraea, toCrommyon. It is almost time to return to the ship now, and you rush back through the bustling crowds.

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As you step on to the boat, you seesonte of the other passetigeis offering a prayer to the sea god. The sailors take their positions at the oars. You slump down on an imcomfortable wooden bench,ias the ship pulls away from the shore. Despite the earlier crowds there are only a few other passengers. The king, he says, is dead, struck down in his prime by treachery, like a sturdy tree felled by the woodsman's axe, who sat beneathiits shade as a child. Take 2 Shame points for not preventing this foul deed, and get out of town as quickly as you can.

Go to , ; , 71 You offer prayers to Ares, and in a cloud of acrid smoke the god appears before you. Goodi choice. God of war. Strongest of the gods. None of this complicated liberal wisdom nonsense here. Now, what about you? Oh,, yes. Objective: Knossos. Kill the Minotaur. Back here.

Off you go. Have some supernatural strength to aid you. Bit out of fashion these days, but the old ways are the best' ' '' You may add 2 to your natural Might on all of your combat rolls. You start on your way to Athens, where your father is king. Turn to 2. Slowly yoiildreep up bbhind the old man, so as not to disturb him. You reach and pull ano'ther comer of the curtain aside.

If Apollo is your patron gOi to The pace of the city has slackened. You pass a shrine dedicated to your patron god, where several people pray. Near by, an old, but hale-hearted beggar stands, appealing for your aid, and blessing the hearts of the great-minded; folk who heed his pleas.

Epub Blood Feud Of Altheus (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks)

Or will you siiriply walk on out of Mycenae towards Cleonae go to ? The place is dark and damp, heaped with grain for the city in the coming season. Your sleep that night is troubled by dreams of what fate might await you. Next morning the door opens slowly, and you resign yourself to your end. In rushes the king himself, dripping with blood, and holding the severed head of one of the conspirators. Come, j oin our feast of celebration. Your burden is unbelievably heavy, and you have to set her down at the water's edge. When you look you find that this is no hag, but the immortal wife of Zeus, white-armed Hera.

No, I don't think you would. You're on your own now, and you won't like it one little bit. You must take 2 Shame points. If Hera is your patron, whenever you call on her aid, she will not aid you on a roll of on one die, and you lose 2 Honour points. The man, however, now seems to be leading you away from the main thoroughfares of the dty, the open meeting-places and the Acropolis. Eventually the aged beggar stops, and,, pointing, cries, 'There, there's your palace.

May you have much joy of it. Have 1 Shame point for being duped. For you this is indeed shameful. You carry on towards the Acropolis. Clearly these are his cattle, and to kill one would invoke his anger. You shout out to your companions, warning them of this danger. Relieved, but without heart-reviving meat, you return to the ship. No sooner have you grasped the shaft in your haind, than a group of Amazons, a score or more, have surrounded you.

It was they who disturbed the nighf s silence, attracted by your shouts and blows. You explain, nervously, that you are an ambassador of Aegeus, and must see the' queen, bearing a token of peace! You are conducted at spear-point to a tent ; rather larger and grander than the rest. Tvun to 8. Don't be greedy. I know notfrom where you come, but I must travel far across the wine-dark sea to distant Crete. Perhaps if sun-smitten Naxos, sacred Delos, or gentle Cythera is your home, or some remote isle, then you can tell me of your land. My name, is Eliduros. Her sisters follow her, with nd stomach for such a fight.

Have 1 Shame point for attacking divinities, but 2 Honour points I for your prowess in battle. You are also in Disfavour with the Furies. She has two sisters; Clotho and Atropos. Return You fill your goblet, and indeed the wine is excellent. Eleusis, where you, Altheus, now find yourself amid the yearly festival of the corn-goddess, bright-eyed Demeter, fair lady of the earth, and all the firuit it bears.

You move on slowly through the crowds, gathered in awe at the awaited time, when Persephone, spirit of spring, must return to the earth above, and life begin anew. But he does not let you in, instead scolding you for using the front entrance. He sends you rovmd the back to a smaU entrance. From this a smell of cooking drifts, and you can hear the sounds of a feast being prepared. Do you knock turn to 7 , or go straight into the kitchen turn to ? If you do offer a prayer, go to 1. If not, go to