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It can be set up in just a few minutes, so kids can get right to playing, and packing it up is a breeze too. The set comes with five durable rope rings, 10 bonus plastic rings, a sturdy wood ring board with point markings on the pegs, and a convenient carry bag. While great for outdoor use, this is one game that can also be used indoors for when winter boredom hits. Fans say: "Game and case are well made and easy to take with you. It is small, convenient to store, and quick to assemble I keep it in my car so we always have it on hand.

We don't play for hours on end, but this is a great little distraction when the kids or adults are bored. My daughter even created different "levels" of play by drawing lines on the driveway that are progressively farther away.

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If you're looking for an outdoor game that's fun for everyone, look no further than this Giant Tumbling Timbers set. The giant Jenga-like game comes with 56 large timbers that when stacked, create a 2. Also included in the set is a high-quality nylon carrying case for easy transport and compact storage. The timber pieces are hand-sanded for smoothness so you don't have to worry about splinters, and many reviewers mentioned how well made the game is.

Fans say: " We had our wedding guests pull a block and write a memory or advice for us and stack the block on top. It worked great. The award-nominated game has a wacky premise designed for ages 6 and up, but adults will love it too. To play, you toss the target to get started, and then take turns flicking your chicken at the target.

6 fun games you and your kids will play on grass this summer

Think of it like frisbee and mini-golf rolled into one, with some silly-looking chickens thrown in for good measure. It's meant to be played by two to four players, and the game goes for nine rounds. Fans say: " So yes.. But that's what makes it fun! Get creative and put a hula hoop around the target to create levels of points awarded.

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It really is impossible to get the chicken on that small red Target so make a wider range. These are fun on the lawn or in the pool. They float and you can try to toss them into donut shaped pool floaties.

Balls On Bottles - Minute To Win It Games​ - Fun Cheap Outdoor Games

Think of the classic beer pong game and make it bigger and more portable, and you've got Wicked Big Sports Supersized Pong. The set includes six giant-sized cups, one ball, one pump with needle, and a handy storage bag. You can play it one-on-one or in teams of two or larger. Although, the Red Queen in Wonderland threatened to take the head of other players, a wicket in the shape of a smiling rabbit may help you keep your sense of humor.

What would summer be without the tossing of metal objects at various targets? Possibly safer, but potentially less fun, at least according our ancestors popularized these sport. Horseshoes, washers and quoits are all closely related. In the early s, organizers of horseshoe matches would publish rules in their local newspapers. Quoits traditionally is played with metal, rope or rubber rings — or horseshoes — tossed toward a stick or spike goal.

Players stand equal distance from the stick or spike and aim for that goal. To score, tosses that reach the stick are worth three points. Those that are within 6 inches of the stick are worth one point. Another variation of quoits is played with metal washers that are aimed toward a hole — such as a hole in a box, can or PVC pipe. Scoring is similar to horseshoes. Three points are awarded for washers that fall into or through the hole. Washers that fall near the hole — onto the washer board or similarly defined space — are worth one point.

The modern version was developed in the s and involves two sets of four bean bags traditionally filled with dry corn and two cornhole boards, each inclined slightly when set on the ground and with a hole at the top. Bags that land on the board and remain there until the end of the round are worth one point.

Bags that fall through the hole in the board are worth three points. The team or player that scores at least 21 points first is the winner. You are only limited by your imagination well, and skill. Thank you for reading! Purchase a Subscription. Sign Up. Log In. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Since you viewed this item previously you can read it again.

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The 6 Best Outdoor Lawn Games

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